(Robert J. Sturtcman)

Everything that I say and do,

seems like well I’ve heard it before.
Doin’ this, Doin’ that,

just because it’s the thing to do.

Impressin’, Impressin’, Impressin’

Goin’ down to buy me some clothes,

well the people they just sit and stare
Wonderin’ if I’m doin’ it right,

Am I Impressin’ them now?

Impressin’ Impressin’, Impressin’

Come on Baby and walk with me,

No, no don’t look around.
Superficially tryin’ to make their name,

Oh baby, can’t you see their game?

Impressin’, Impressin’, Impressin’

Well I’m tired, I’m tired of Impressin’…Gonna do what I want from now on!

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